2021 Masters and Apprentices

Johnny Bellar, master and Joey Gibson, apprentice. Resonator Guitar. Ashland City, TN and Manchester, TN.

LaVonda Harris Price, master and Zaniah J. Danielle Greene, apprentice. Hair Wrapping and Hair Weaving. Kingsport, TN.*

Sierra Hull, master and Wyatt Ellis, apprentice. Bluegrass Mandolin. Nashville, TN and Maryville, TN.

Damion Pearson, master and Karloquious Edwards, apprentice. Blues Harmonica. Memphis, TN.

Katelyn Prieboy, master and Grace Adele, apprentice. Thumbpicking Guitar. Nashville, TN.

Jerry Machen, master and Stacy Kimbler, apprentice. Textile Wall Hangings, Carpet Art and Rug Restoration. Kingsport, TN.*

Héctor Saldivar, master and Ariel Dickman, apprentice. Ceramic Folk Sculpture. Lenoir City, TN.*

David Sarten, master, and Jairus Sarten and Erin Whaley, apprentices. Old Harp Singing. Sevierville, TN.*

Harry Thompson, master and Jamison Thompson, apprentice. Choctaw Chant. Henning, TN.

Maxine White, master and Kaitlin Vaughn, apprentice. Millinery. Jackson, TN.

Keith Williams, master and Joseph Hensley and Tony Branam, apprentices. Fiddle Making. Chuckey, TN, Speedwell TN, and Jacksboro, TN.*

*These teams are funded through a special partnership with the South Arts’ initiative In These Mountains: Central Appalachian Folk Art & Culture.