The Folklife Program often serves as a public clearinghouse for information and resources on Tennessee folk culture and immigrant traditions. The program maintains an extensive collection of files, print materials, event calendars, Internet sites, photographs, and other media compiled in over thirty years of on-going contacts and fieldwork. The program provides content advice and technical assistance to museums, presenters, festivals, and community organizations, as well as to documentarians and researchers involved with folklife projects. It delivers similar services in support of the interests of practicing folk artists in the state. It regularly serves as a liaison with national and regional programs and projects in the field and works with economic and social development efforts that make use of folk cultural resources.


The following annual events in Tennessee are of interest for traditional music, crafts, food, or other folklife content.


A directory of national, regional, and state organizations and institutions whose missions, legacies, and public work have contributed to the broad effort to acknowledge, showcase, and sustain traditional and ethnic cultural practices.


Sites and venues in Tennessee of interest for traditional music, crafts, food, or other folklife content.


A Selected Bibliography of Tennessee Folklife includes books, journals, and other separate publications on topics related to Tennessee folk arts and traditional culture.


The Folk Arts Program Records consist of office files, research files, correspondence, photographs, slides, negatives, ephemera, and a large amount of audio/visual materials.