2018 Masters and Apprentices

Willie Artison, master, and Kenneth Artison, apprentice

African-American Gospel Music. Memphis, TN.

R.L. Boyce, master, and Kesha Burton, apprentice

Fife and Drum Music. Brownsville, TN.

Malvina Carrera, master, and Angela Webb, apprentice

Pollera Dressmaking. Knoxville, TN.

Michael DeFosche, master, and Trenton Caruthers, apprentice

Cumberland Plateau Fiddling. Whitleyville, TN.

Manuel Delgado, master, and Ava Delgado, apprentice

Stringed Instrument Making. Nashville, TN.

Louis Frazor, master, and Daniel Rothwell, apprentice

Square Dance Calling. Shelbyville, TN.

Mark Newberry, master, and Malika Scheu, apprentice

Chairmaking. Red Boiling Springs, TN.