Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts Launches New Podcast Series

By Laura Tuttle, Marketing Support Coordinator, Arrowmont — Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts is launching “Make/Time” – a new podcast series created by The podcast is a project of “The Craft School Experience,” an initiative that promotes the value of immersive, residential craft schools across the

Over $4m in Annual Grants Awarded Across TN

By Hal Partlow, Associate Director of Grants – The Tennessee Arts Commission has awarded 345 Fiscal Year 2017 Annual Grants Awards totaling $4,476,520 to help fund arts and cultural activities for arts organizations, schools, local governments, nonprofits and artists in Tennessee. Annual Grants provide funds for: operating support

Remembering Ralph Stanley

By Dr. Bradley Hanson, Director of Folklife Ralph Stanley, an icon of Appalachian culture and a pioneering bluegrass musician with a career spanning seven decades, died last Thursday, June 23, at age eighty-nine. In the week since his passing, Stanley’s remarkable life has been detailed

TN Folklife Launches Traditional Arts Apprenticeship Program

By Bradley Hanson, Director of Folklife – Fiscal Year 2017 marks the inauguration of the Tennessee Arts Commission’s Traditional Arts Apprenticeship Program. The new initiative is designed to encourage the survival, continued development and proliferation of our state’s diverse folklife traditions, especially those that are rare or endangered.

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