During the apprenticeship, each team will be visited twice by Folklife staff to document their work. Documentation will include a recorded interview, audio recordings if music or storytelling, and photography. The master artist and apprentice will be asked to sign permission forms designating the documentation for agency and educational use only.


Examples of work by the master and artist will be presented in an exhibition about the Apprenticeship teams at the Tennessee Arts Commission gallery in Nashville scheduled from May 18, 2018 to July 13, 2018. Folklife staff will display photographs taken during the apprenticeship and borrow artifacts for display. The artists will be invited to attend and possibly perform or demonstrate at an opening exhibition, but attendance is voluntary and not a requirement of this program.

Teams are also strongly encouraged to schedule a local presentation in their own town, county, or region. This may be an exhibition, workshop, demonstration or performance at a local venue or event. This public component is intended to heighten local awareness and appreciation of the master and apprentices’ work together and to illustrate the importance of passing down community traditions. Folklife staff can assist in this process and will help publicize such events.


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