281514_10150242888109699_392189_nMaster fiddler and guitarist Jim Wood has spent a lifetime accompanying traditional old time, bluegrass and contest fiddlers throughout the Southeast, and is today renowned for his innovations in the regional style. He states, “My father, Jimmy Wood, was one of the most respected fiddle accompanists east of the Mississippi River. Between the two of us, we have accompanied practically every fiddle champion from the region.” Wood has won 15 state fiddling championships and holds the all-time record for winning the Tennessee State Championship five times. A consummate traditional musician, he has won over 160 contests on fiddle, mandolin and guitar. While adept on multiple instruments, he chose to teach back-up guitar because of the dearth of qualified accompanists at most regional contests and musical gatherings today. His Apprentice Ben Ayers was born and raised in Winchester, TN, and has performed and studied music since the age of eight. Under previous instruction of Josh Philpott and Wood, Ben learned music theory and fell in love with traditional music. In 2011 he received a scholarship to study jazz at Middle Tennessee State University and graduated in 2014 with a major in Recording Industry Management and minor in music.

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