Willie Earl Artison began singing and playing soulful, quartet-style gospel music in the late 1970s along with his older brother. He was a member of the Sensational Southern Nightingales during the 1980s and 1990s, and currently manages and plays with the Bell Singers, a gospel ensemble with a legacy that stretches back 40 years. A skilled keyboard player and singer, Artison started his own record label, Sacred Love Records, in 1986. He has a B.S. in Education, and has informally trained many young musicians. Apprentice Kenneth Artison is an exceptional young singer and instrumentalist seeking to anchor his music more fully in the bedrock traditions of his family and of the Memphis gospel legacy.

Watch this page for updates on the team’s progress.
Willie Earl Artison, middle row right, is pictured with the Sensational Southern Nightingales.



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